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We here at Shosholoza have a full compliment of 60 wonderful staff members.

We strive for loyalty and consistency among our staff. They are always welcoming and presentable.

We here at Shosholoza Finance want the customer to know we want the best solution for them. 


Our Consultants 

These are some of friendly consultants, they will assist our clients with advice and affordability on our loans.


NuPay Department

Our friendly staff here swipe the clients card for the debits, when a client takes a loan from us.


Courtesy Bus

This friendly man is the mode of transport for many of our clients from the shopping centers nearby.

The courtesy bus is used to transport our clients to and from Shosholoza to Bedford center or Eastgate, this service is completely free of charge for our clients.  



Our friendly security staff, making sure our customers and staff are safe.


Managing Staff

Here are some of managing staff with our two founders Jimmy Sarkis and Warren Sarkis.



Here are most of our staff, excluding some of our trainees and temporary staff.


Filing staff

The whole operation relies on finding the files of each of our Twenty thousand plus clients and without these gentlemen it wouldn't be possible.


Kitchen Staff

Making sure everyone one of our clients is happy with the hospitality. They do their jobs with a smile.

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