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Our Background

Shosholoza Finance is an independently owned micro lending company offering unsecured short-term micro loans, throughout South Africa. 

Since its inception in 1997 Shosholoza (which means ‘go forward’ or ‘make way for the next man’ in the Zulu language) has extended its business to approximately twenty four thousand clients over this period. 

Shosholoza Finance offers unsecured personal loans. All loans and agreements must adhere to the criteria as set out in section 39 (3) of the National Credit Act. 

Shosholoza Finance offers loans to a base of employers

with 78% of the loans ranging on average between R500 and R8 000 and with an average loan size of R 1,620. Loans advanced are primarily granted for periods of one to three months. However consolidation loans can be done, if the required criteria are met.

The minimum requirements of Shosholoza Finance are for the clients to have a bank account facility and permanent employment as well as satisfying the affordability criteria as per NCR guidelines. 

For the last 27 years, Shosholoza Finance has also been supporting many orphanage homes, charities and schools providing food and financial contributions. We also have a soup kitchen that provides food, tea and biscuits free of charge for all our clients that come in for a loan.

Shosholoza Finance’s social responsibility commitments demonstrate a continued interest in education and sports. The entity makes numerous donations to local schools and sponsors some independent charity sport teams. 

Shosholoza Finance is a registered credit provider. The national credit registration number as it appears on the certificate is NCRCP2711.

The certificate was issued on 5 December 2007 and is renewed annually. 

Shosholoza Finance complies with all the relevant requirements of the National Credit Act No. 34 of 2005.


Shosholoza Finance trades as a (Pty) Ltd and has a certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies and Close Corporations. 

The entity also has a letter of Good Standing issued by the Compensation Fund (Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, 1993) issued on 12 October 2011.

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